EPICUREAN collection

The epicurean collection celebrates the beauty of English craftsmanship and the unrivalled tradition of innovation at Elkington and Co. Designed for contemporary living, the collection is centred around the table, elevating the experience of everyday life through the joy of craft.

E&Co - Heritage Anvil - Sheffield © Michael Franke
E&Co - Silversmith and polisher

Innovation and Process

Created to celebrate traditional crafts, the collection combines classic silversmithing techniques with modern technological processes to create items of hand finished perfection. The collection represents a strident approach to meet the design challenge presented by Christopher, new techniques involving 3d printing, CNC milling and gear pressing provide a step change to the limitations of traditional techniques.

Epicurean Functionality

The Epicurean collection highlights the contrast between the functional and decorative quality of silver, whilst demonstrating its appeal for a new found modern audience. Signature pieces including the butter dish, cheese knife and honey pot are functional in nature, elevating the daily rituals of the modern consumer. The interplay of materials using glass, wood and metal also delivers an emotive perspective in luxury homeware.

E&Co - Polishing with pumice © Michael Franke

Handcrafted Tradition

Throughout the collection traditional techniques continue to communicate Sheffield’s unrivalled silversmithing heritage. From the planished handle of the cheese knife with its interplay of texture between blade and handle to the intricate marriage of circular shapes in the snack array tray. Each piece hand finished in a process unique to English silverware to deliver the best of the past to today’s discerning consumer.

E&Co - Lost wax casting brass spoons
E&Co - Oil and Vinegar Stand © Michael Franke
E&Co - Silver Serving Spoon © Michael Franke
E&CO - Tongs © Michael Franke
E&CO - Snack Array © Michael Franke
E&Co - Salt Bowl and Spoon © Michael Franke
E&Co - Butter Dish © Michael Franke
E&Co - Honey Pot © Michael Franke
E&Co - Honey Pot, Snack Array © Studio Appétit