Atkinsons 1799


Going back to the future with vivid wit is Atkinson’s unassailable hallmark and so their new Maison in London’s Burlington Arcade was anchored in bringing the Georgian’s fervent appetite for refinement into a contemporary context.

The design sets the scene for daring new fragrance experiences, seducing visitors through scent and the subtle codes of classic style and taste. Elegantly spanning three floors, each level reveals a different facet of the Atkinsons personality.

Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Archive drawing of Old Bond St
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - production photographs of wall light in brass and pink onyx

Classic Taste Distilled

The strikingly contemporary interior elevates the olfactory narrative of Atkinsons. Design orientates

around a central perfume bar, crafted in Rio Nero marble and brass illustrating perfume collections in

sensational material effect. Reviving the feeling of exquisite service that captured the original customers of 24 Old Bond Street, the bar invites visitors to explore the subtle nuances of scent to find one that perfectly fits their personality.

Bespoke Appointment

For over 200 years, Atkinsons has been guiding the highest echelons of society in the art of fragrant

expression. With a roll call of patrons from King George IV and Queen Victoria to Beau Brummel,

Napoleon and the Russian Tsarinas, the first floor salon continues the intimate tradition of personal

consultation. With just the right hint of sophistication, a new breed of luminaries are invited to discover their own affinities with scent within a bespoke handcrafted environment featuring a collection of furniture specifically designed for the occasion. 

Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - production photograph of lounge chair frame

the Modern Dandy

When James Atkinson arrived into the roiling social landscape of Georgian London, he instinctively understood the impeccable new breed of gentleman who was cutting swathes through aristocratic circles. The Dandy. For the first time, Atkinsons is offering a delectable immersion into the brand’s masculine codes with the introduction of a barber shop on the lower ground floor. Here, the modern dandy can relax and be attended to through an impeccable range of tailor made services. 

Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Photograph of woven metal craftsman
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Shopfront © Michael Franke
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Gilded mirror wall and perfume © Michael Franke
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Framed heritage branding © Michael Franke
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Downstairs Barber Shop © Michael Franke
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Staircase © Michael Franke
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Shop display counter and gilded wall © Michael Franke
Atkinsons 1799 Burlington Arcade - Consultation lounge © Michael Franke