Christopher Jenner is a designer and founder of a multi-disciplinary studio based in London. He partners with brands, manufacturers and craftspeople around the world, using design to communicate values with integrity and to tell stories that capture the imagination.

Jenner has a diverse cultural background; he grew up and studied in South Africa, then lived in Paris, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, before settling in London and opening his studio in 2010. His nomadic experience has stoked his interest in the symbiotic relationship between design and narrative.

He brings an individuality to all his projects in vision, approach and style. Whether redefining a global luxury brand, collaborating with an established manufacturer or exploring innovation with a historic workshop, Jenner’s belief is the same: telling stories creates meaningful experiences that connect people with design, and add value to life.

Jenner collaborates with brands, manufacturers and workshops across industry and scale. His output spans retail, hospitality and transport design, industrial design, furniture, lighting, product design, and craft. Previous projects have included interior retail concepts for luxury brands; creative direction and experience design for Eurostar; collectible design exhibited and sold in some of the world’s most established galleries; and a series of self-initiated one-off designs and collections, in collaboration with traditional craft workshops around the world. The breadth of his interest feeds his knowledge and understanding of brands, processes and materials in an ongoing journey of experimentation and innovation.

Jenner’s vision appeals to greater fundamentals of human nature and behaviour beyond taste or trend: discovery, intrigue and charm. He has a conscious and responsible approach to design that goes deeper than commercial and consumer objectives to deliver work that is relevant and has meaning embedded in it. He believes craft is a tool of expression with the power to transmit culture from mind to hand to material, and back again.